Fish block

The modern guild I belong to is working on a group challenge quilt – ultimately, it will be donated to a charity. Each member is supposed to make a fish block, using the challenge material, to represent the theme “Scale”.

I really agonized over what to make. I wanted to make an interesting fish. I wanted my fish to say “scale”. I wanted it to have a modern look.

fish block.jpg.jpg

Here’s what I finally made.

I used pleats to make the fish look like it had scales. I thought that was a cool trick. But I didn’t want it to look un-modern, so I made the head and tail very simple and diminutive. I’m afraid it might look more like a torpedo than a fish! But I hope it will be okay, and will fit in with the other members’ fish.

Once the fish are all pieced together, I hope I can show you a picture of the finished quilt top.


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