Autumn landscape

Why do I procrastinate about finishing my quilting projects? Well, I know why – if a UFO (UnFinished quilting Object)  seems difficult, tedious, or has lost its “freshness”, I start building it up in my head to be more difficult, more tedious, and more work than it actually is. Subconsciously, I convince myself that I can’t tackle it until I have tons of time, more energy than at present, and/or an infusion of brain cells.

I think self-talk is really important, and when I allow myself to use self-talk like, “I can’t possibly…” or “I don’t have time to tackle…” or “I can’t face that right now!” (or just a big, exasperated sigh), I’m giving myself excuses to not make progress. The reality is, many UFOs I finally get around to finishing turned out to be easier and much less work that I’d told myself they were. And honestly, YES, five or ten minutes can be enough time to advance your project, even a little. In five minutes, you can quickly press some fabric, pin a few blocks, pick out some stray stitches, etc. — little things that prepare you to get straight to sewing the next time you sit down at your machine. And twenty minutes is enough to cut fabric, sew some seams, or handstitch a good length of binding.

I’m going to work on positive self-talk in my sewing room. I need to tell myself things like, “I’m going to give that a try,” or “What job can I do in the 10 minutes I have today?” or “How can I make a small step toward getting this project finished?”

Here’s an example of a small project that has taken me forever to finish!

Autumn landscape.jpg

Ironically, the most difficult and time-consuming part – the applique itself – was finished years ago.  I just took forever to motivate myself to do the borders, quilting and binding. None of those jobs took long to do: I just took forever to convince myself to do them!

One more project off my UFO list! Yay!



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