On my design wall…

I am loving my design wall. It’s so great to be able to look at what I’m working on – sometimes even when it’s more than 1 project.

On the wall today… a scrappy quilt I’m tentatively calling April Showers. I had fabrics leftover from a quilt I made for a friend’s wedding years ago, and they all coordinated – but there weren’t many of them. On Pinterest, I found a link to a pattern I thought would be perfect, because the coloured squares are interspersed with long solid strips. However, I had to make size adjustments to fit the size of blocks I had. The pattern can be found here, it’s called the Modern Workshop quilt by Oliver + S, as was meant to be made with their Moda fabric, so if you look up the pattern you will seen their colourway makes the quilt look quite different!

On my wall 28 Oct 2016.jpg.jpg

On the top right is an experiment in colour interactions, inspired by the work of Bauhaus artists Josef Albers. I created the pattern myself, and will post it when I have this piece done.

Another Joself Albers-inspired work on the bottom right – I will also post instructions to make these blocks when the piece is farther along.

Oh, and if you notice the rosette on the far left… wish I could say that’s my winning ribbon! But no, it’s the Mouse’s ribbon from her third place win at the Plowing Match quilt contest. Need to find a place to put it!!



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