Felt wrench-wand

wrench wand.jpg

When you have kids who are into video games, you can get asked to make some unusual things. Case in point – son #3 wanted me to make a wrench-wand. It’s a magical wand from one of the games he plays, but it looks like a wrench holding a magic crystal.

Of course, there is no such thing as a pattern for this, so I got him to print out a picture that showed all the details, and I drew a pattern. Then he helped me cut out the pieces from our Tickle Trunk of felt. Sewing it together was a bit of a challenge, as was stuffing it! I warned him it would be a bit floppy; if I ever make a 2.0 version, I might use a piece of dowel in the handle to stiffen it. It looks okay lying down on the table, but unless you hold it the right way, it can flop over and look less impressive than a wand should!

We had fun making it, though, and to me that’s really the main thing.


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