Scrappy Patio Stones

Always wanting for find ways to use every last piece of fabric, I started on a new scrap project I’m calling Patio Stones. It’s pretty easy. I start with a 3.5″ square of light fabric (and I have a pile of scrappy 3.5″ squares already cut, so I just sorted out the lighter coloured ones). Then I border it on two sides with strips I’ve pieced from little scraps. I will write up some instructions, for anyone who wants to try this themselves!

I tried two different arrangements of the blocks. First, I tried the nice, ordered arrangement of placing the blocks all in the same orientation, side by side. The top and left borders of each block become the bottom and right borders of its neighbours, so all I would have to do at the end is make a long scrappy border on the right and bottom of the completed top. As I looked at it on my design wall, this arrangement reminded me of the patios people in my neighbourhood often had when I was growing up — concrete patio stones set edge to edge, with bits of plant matter poking out in the gaps between them.

I also tried rotating alternate blocks – it gives quite a different look, with more movement. I think I would like this alternating block idea better if all the 3.5″ centres were the same, perhaps a solid white or grey. When the centres are patterned, too, it makes the quilt look super-busy.


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