Q’s Christmas stocking

As I was hauling out the Christmas decorations, I realized that I have made a homemade stocking for DH (I actually made it for him our first Christmas together, before we were even engaged), and I made a stocking for the Mouse a couple of years ago (her store-bought stocking was falling apart). But the three boys all have boring old store-bought stockings! Even I have a homemade stocking, made for me a few years ago by DH (the sweetie).

q stocking 2.jpg

I decided I needed to resolve this problem, and happily I have a huge repository of felt, thanks to my friend Doreen. I started with a stocking for Q, because I had an inspiration.

Lately, he has been drawing manga-style figures, include a half-Elf character from a game he plays. I thought I could adapt one of his simpler sketches of the half-Elf, topping her off with Santa hat, and it wouldn’t be too hard to make out of felt.

I drew an outline of a stocking, then made a simplified sketch of his character to fit inside. I taped it to a window, so I could lay papers on top to draw individual pattern pieces.

q stocking 1.jpgHere’s the first few pieces, being pinned onto the stocking. I’m limited to the colours of felt I already have (I have so much, I’m reluctant to buy more, though I’m running low on white, so I might have to cave there), but fortunately the colours I have seem to be working, and matching his idea of her skin and hair colour.

Once the pieces were all cut and in place, I started stitching them down by hand. It doesn’t take too long. I’d like to do it by machine, but it’s pretty hard to sew some of the smallest bits using a machine. Also, it only hangs at Christmas, and won’t get much abuse (I hope), so the hand sewing will hopefully be secure enough.

q stocking 3.jpgThere are a few more details to add (like eyebrow, nose, mouth, etc), but I’m going to do those with embroidery floss, once all the felt pieces are sewn on. I think it’s going pretty well so far!

I do want to do stockings for C and S as well, but… we’ll see how much time I have between now and Christmas! I’ve got a raft of pajamas to sew for my long legged boys, and I’m giving those priority. So C and S might have to wait till next year…



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