Updates all around

The clock is ticking… there are several things I need to get finished before the winter holidays.

What’s really important – tomorrow I’m going to visit my friend Grier and her longarm machine. So what I really, really have to do today, is press my quilt top, seam the backing fabric, and add the zipper to the back (it’s cool – you actually zip your backing onto the roller in her machine!). Must, must do this today, because it is needed for tomorrow.

img_1897Update on Q’s stocking: Here it is on the design wall. I’m not 100% happy with my embroidery of the facial features, but embroidery isn’t something I’ve had a lot of practice with! Still to do —

  • I want to add a fusible facing to the inside of the stocking, to cover all the lose threads, so nothing snags when things are put into or pulled out of the stocking. Need to buy that, because I’m pretty certain I don’t have any.
  • Embroider Q’s name at the top, in the “snow”, then machine stitch the snow to the stocking front.
  • Make a loop to hang the stocking from, to be sewn into the seam
  • Sew the seam all around!

Next up – Advent Calendar. Despite good intentions to use it this year, it’s already 6 December, and I haven’t finished this project yet! The pre-printed panel included binding – but the binding strips were only 1.75″, and I usually bind at 2″ minimum, sometimes 2.25″. I tried adding them anyway, but after sewing around the first corner, I realize I can’t make it work. The strips are too narrow. It won’t look well. Fortunately, I have lots of the backing fabric left over, so I can remove the bits I’ve already sewn and they can go into the scrap bin.

  • Remove existing binding
  • Cut new binding, piece, sew on to calendar
  • Tack down the sleeve
  • Make back pocket to hold the “days” and handstitch on the back
  • Make the “days”, including the blanks

When I want a break from sewing, I’m also crocheting a beanie for DH, so there’s that, too! And of course, I have pajamas to sew, sew, sew. Busy days!



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