Finished a quick hat

IMG_2286.jpgOkay, this is not sewing… but I managed to finish a quick crocheted beanie for my husband. He was complaining about having too many things that are black or grey, and not enough colour in his wardrobe. So when I found some marmalade-coloured yarn in one of our stash bins, I decided to make him a hat. It was just single-crochets around and around until it was big enough to wear… I was able to finish off the last rows while at the Modern Quilt Guild potluck on Thursday night.

Elaine's hidden code revealWhich does let me segue back to quilting! I wanted to show you a couple of pictures I took of the group’s travelling quilt reveals. By the time I joined the guild last spring, several members were already exchanging travelling quilt projects and it was unfortunately too late to join in. I wish I had been able to, especially when I saw the completed blocks everyone got back! All the projects were neat – all very different. There were two in particular though that I would have loved to have taken home myself! The first was the travelling quilt belonging to Elaine. Her theme was “hidden code” and she started off her project by making a block that says “hello” in Morse code. Hers is the red and yellow block near the top left. The blocks she got back included a bar code, a QR code, Braille, the Japanese character for “colour”, and more! Really neat. I’m anxious to see what kind of quilt she turns this into!

Marilyn's reveal.jpgThe second one I especially liked belonged to Marilyn, whose theme was “Kandinsky”. She was the only person to receive back a fully assembled piece, not just individual blocks. And I really do think her project looks like it could be a work of Modern art! Very, very cool. What a creative group of women they are.

I admit I haven’t gotten much sewing done the last few days. I’m battling a cold, and don’t have much initiative, even though there are lots of things I need to get done before Christmas. I am supposed to attend my sewing circle potluck this coming week, so am planning to rest up today as well, in hopes of being back to rights in time for that.


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