Charity quilts

This week, our Wednesday sewing circle met for our Christmas potluck and sewing day. I had suggested last month that the women could, if they wished, make a couple of half-square triangle (HST) blocks each, and Megan and I would make them into a quilt. I wasn’t sure how many people would participate, but I hoped to get 20 or 30 blocks, and perhaps be about halfway to quilt (they were 7.5″ blocks).

First HST charity quiltAs it turned out, the women were so generous in contributing HSTs that we were able to layout one quilt top that morning (two women then volunteered to piece it), and get started on laying out a second quilt top.

The first top was mostly made of Civil War/Kansas troubles type fabrics. I arranged the blocks to create diamonds in the middle, with zigzag rows above and below. I thought this layout had subtle movement. The zigzags are sort of traditional, but the diamonds in the middle row mix it up a bit.

HST charity quilt number twoThe second quilt had many blocks that were jewel-toned, with more funky fabrics or batiks, and whiter light values. I started laying it out during the afternoon, but didn’t have as many blocks as I needed. I brought it home and put it up on the design wall, then made a few more blocks. The Mouse came in to my sewing room, cast her critical eye on the quilt, and pointed out some blocks that didn’t look quite right – the lights were too beige, or the darks were too unsaturated to match the colourway. We pulled those out (I guess that means a third quilt will be on the horizon). So this is now what is on my design wall. And it will stay there for a while, because I have some Christmas projects to finish up in the next week.

The second quilt looks more modern and bright, doesn’t it? After Christmas, Megan will come over and bring some more suitable blocks to fill in the gaps. I think the first quilt will be donated to a Palliative care facility. We are still deciding where to donate the second quilt.

HSTs are so much fun! There’s nothing easier to make, and there are so many possibilities for arranging them. I think I could make A LOT of HST quilts before I got tired of them.


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