Pet pillows, and other progress

Have a mentioned my reluctance to throw things in the landfill? I’m all about reduce, reuse, recycle – even when it comes to fabric scraps.

Other people in my quilt guild must think I’m a bit batty. I used to pluck scraps out of the garbage can at classes, sewing circles and retreats. Nowadays, I try to remember to bring a scrap bucket with me. It has a note on it asking others to drop their scraps inside, rather than throw them in the garbage. Many willingly do so, but often ask me, “What exactly do you do with these scraps, anyway?”

If the scraps are big enough, I save them, sorting them into my scrap bins. Honestly, I’m sometimes amazed at the fabric people throw away! I’ve salvaged some pretty big scraps and strips.

pet pillows.jpgBut if they are too small to consider sewing with, I use them to stuff pet pillows. In fact, I generally use discarded fabrics to make the pet pillow cases. Our guild has a scrap table, including bins of polycotton scraps that hardly anyone every touches – a few big pieces sewn together can be large enough for a cat pillow. I make the pillow case, sewing up three sides. I then stuff the pillow with scraps (threads, fabric, and even batting scraps), then sew up the last side. They can be donated to your local animal shelter or given away to friends with pets. I gave away the bottom one in this picture yesterday, to a friend with a miniature dog.

mouse hat.jpgFeels good to know that my sewing room is generating almost zero waste these days!

And while I didn’t make any big sewing progress, I did manage to finish another crocheted hat for the Mouse (didn’t make it into her stocking – I just gave it to her as soon as it was off the hook). It’s cute, a plum colour with a bit of sparkle in the yarn. Ah, so happy to be making a small dent in my yarn stash!

rat race scarf.jpgAnd, I also finished off the Rat Race scarf I made long ago for son #1. So embarrassing – all I had left to do was to sew the little red plastic bead eyes on the rats! But finally I did, and now it’s done. Whew!

But I know – the days before Christmas are swiftly declining, and I’ve got a few things left to finish making… I should get on that!

Happy sewing!



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