I -spy quilt complete!

completed ispyMy goal this month was to finish the I-Spy charity quilt and get it ready to donate at my guild’s February meeting. Glad to have crossed it off my list! Yay! One less UFO.

It was actually pretty fun to make – probably because there are so many different novelty patches in it. And the disappearing 9-patch technique made all those sashing-cornerstone elements a snap. I would definitely recommend the tutorial at Obsessively Stitching.

The committee at the guild had provided backing cut to the size I specified, but it was flannel… I washed it before using it, and it shrunk and then was a little too small to fit my quilt top.

ispy showing backFortunately, I was able to swap  in another, larger piece of flannel I was saving for another quilt. So instead of grey and white stars, this quilt has a paw-print back. But I think it still works, and the grey star flannel will be just exactly large enough for crib-sized charity quilt that’s waiting in the wings.

Many thanks to my friend Megan, who provided me with a large number of the novelty scraps that made this quilt possible! What would I do without Megan’s cast-offs?



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