Finished the Balinese quilt!

I’m happy to say that I put the last stitches in the Balinese quilt this week. It was fun to make, and I like how it turned out – but it was a big project, and it feels good to cross it off the list.


Here it is, hanging over the upstairs railing. After getting it all pieced, I seriously considered my husband’s suggestion of sending it out to be quilted. However, I also wanted to be able to say that I’d finished the whole thing myself. So when my friend Megan kindly offered me the use of her long arm, I was happy to accept.

IMG_2659.jpgI really debated how to quilt it – I explored all sorts of ideas. In the end, I decided to keep it simple, because the fabrics are complex. I decided some soft organic curves down the length of the quilt, reminiscent of waves lapping on the Bali shores, would soften the geometry of the hexagons, but not challenge the complexity of the fabrics.


I hope the recipients will be happy! I look forward to giving it to them soon.


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