More lotto blocks

So the lotto block for our March Modern Quilt Guild meeting was the Tic-Tac-Toe block. I posted a picture earlier of my sample blocks:

I was so thrilled to see the completed blocks at the meeting last week! They looked gorgeous.

Don’t you love the oranges and pinks? I think they look fabulous. Such a cheerful collection of blocks. The guild member who won them, Celeste, seemed genuinely thrilled to be taking them home. I hope she will bring back the finished piece to show at a future meeting.

Trying to keep things interested, I challenged everyone to try some improv curved piecing for our next lotto block. Here are my samples.

Can’t wait to see what we get for our April block collection.

The nice thing about doing the block lottos, I think, is that it is an opportunity to try a new pattern or technique without making a big commitment. If you make a block or two and don’t like doing it, then you can stop. If you decide that you like the blocks, however, you might feel motivated to make a whole bunch and create your own quilt.I hope others are seeing it that way, too, and will be motivated to try all the blocks.

This certainly fits with my plan to keep challenging myself to try new things in 2017!


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