Something new

My good friend R had her birthday earlier this month, and I wanted to make her a little something as a memento. However, she is quite an amazing quilt artist, so I struggled to imagine what I could make her that she hadn’t already made herself, and probably done a better job of. Then it occurred to me that she is a traditional quilter… so I could make her something modern-inspired.

I came up with this little piece, which I called “Stormy Spring”. The leaf blocks are improv pieced using the cut-and-splice-in method. I took a square of the green leaf-patterned fabric, and made some improv branching cuts, then spliced in dark brown fabric to create the branches.

I almost messed up on the first leaf! I made the cuts, started piecing in the brown strips, then got a couple pieces turned around and couldn’t figure out how to put them back together again. Fortunately, I was able to use the print itself to decode what went where, and finally reassembled the block. Afterward, I was careful to piece the remaining blocks slowly and methodically! I used a pale blue background fabric, and then quilted in gusting lines with a blue thread, to represent the cool and sometimes rainy winds that bluster around in March and April.

R seemed pleased with it. I’m certain that she is more accustomed to giving away quilts than receiving them, so I hope she enjoyed being the recipient for a change, even though this was just a little piece.

Okay, off to finish the binding on my Values quilt!


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