“Gotta-catchem-all!” Poke-bag for Conan

IMG_0815After making a DS bag and a purse for my niece, I found I had to follow up by making a bag of some sort for my nephew. He didn’t want anything too girly, though — so I decided on a Pokemon bag. Something he could use to carry around his small Pokemon action figures. IMG_0817

The gray body of the bag is actually the bottom 10 inches cut off a pair of gray track pants. I sewed up the cut end to form the bottom of the bag, and the finished “cuff” of the track pants made a nicely finished edge for the top of the bag. I had some red polar fleece, which I cut to make the closing flap, and also used some white and black felt to make a “Poke-ball” on the front, which disguises the velcro closure.

IMG_0816For inside the bag, I cut a rectangle from a fat quarter I had lying around, which was yellow with small red tomatoes printed on it. I told my nephew that the tomatoes were “Poke-berries” which the Pokemon in the bag could eat. He liked that idea.IMG_0818

So, once again, I made something fun out of materials I already had in my stash — and I made up the “pattern” as I went along. It’s kind of fun to be resourceful.



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